Gareth Bale, Alisson, Sergio Aguero, Edinson Cavani and Karim Benzema Hits Ballon d’Or nominees Hot List.


Gareth Bale is among the first five players to be shortlisted by France Football magazine for the 2018 Ballon d’Or.

The Real Madrid and Wales forward is joined on the list by his club-mate Karim Benzema, Liverpool and Brazil goalkeeper Alisson, Manchester City and Argentina striker Sergio Aguero and Paris Saint-Germain and Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani.

Twenty-five further nominees will be announced throughout Monday, with a 30-man shortlist eventually being drawn up ahead of the awards ceremony in Paris on December 3.

The Ballon d’Or is handed out by France Football, and is separate from FIFA’s own world player of the year awards, known as The Best, which was won by Real Madrid’s Croatian midfielder Luka Modric.

The shortlist is curated by the editorial office of France Football, and the winner is then picked from the list by a panel of international journalists, with one representative per country.

The Ballon d’Or is awarded according to three separate criteria. The panel judge nominees on: their performances during the calendar year, their talent and fair play, and their achievements throughout their career.

Each panel member picks their top five nominees, with their first pick being awarded six points, their second pick receiving four points, their third three points, their fourth two points and their final pick one point.

The player with the most points received once all panel members have cast their votes is awarded the Ballon d’Or. In the event of a tie, the player with the most first picks is given the trophy.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the current holder of the Ballon d’Or.


Kanye West Deletes Twitter and Instagram Again!!


It appears that Kanye West has deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts. As of today, both social media pages are unavailable. Kanye returned to Twitter in April after deactivating his account in 2017 and has caused controversy over tweets endorsing Donald Trump, his critique of “cancel culture” and support of alleged sexual abusers, and most recently his opposition to the 13th Amendment. Pitchfork has reached out to West’s representatives for comment and more information.

Last week, Kanye performed three songs on “SNL,” garnering backlash for wearing his MAGA hat onstage and delivering an off-air pro-Trump speech to the audience. His upcoming album Yandhi was originally slated to drop that night, but has since been postponed to a November 23 release. Ye has also claimed that he will finish recording the LP in Africa.

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Lottie Tomlinson is already a hair and makeup pro…and she’s just 17.

Lottie Tomlinson has been around the world, held a demanding 24/7 job, and spent more time clutching a blow dryer than the entire cast of The Hills. The catch: She’s only 17 years old.

“If you know what you’re meant to do,” she says, “just find a way to do it. Don’t be ‘too good’ for a job, or get nervous that the schedule’s really intense. If it’s experience and you need experience… take the job.

That’s what Tomlinson did, anyway. After finishing high school, she asked beauty guru  Lou Teasdale for an internship, agreeing to assist the hair and makeup expert at the famous Bleach London salon, as well as on One Direction’s live tour. (Lottie’s big brother is 1D member Louis Tomlinson, though despite her family connection, she still had to gallery-1456156869-elle-lottie-indexwake up before dawn, lug crates of hair product through film sets, and clean up everyone’s work stations after every concert ended.)

Now Tomlinson’s preparing for a new gig on tour with Selena Gomez—but first she’s assisting Teasdale backstage at London Fashion Week. We spoke with her at Bleach Soho about her upcoming adventure.

Conservatives: Court nominee must be stopped at all costs


Conservative leaders are sending a blunt message to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: The Supreme Court is more important than your majority.

McConnell’s (R-Ky.) top priority since becoming majority leader last year has been to put his colleagues in a strong position to win reelection, in part by showing that Republicans can govern.
But bottling up President Obama’s nominee to replace the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia could bring the work of the chamber to a screeching halt, if Democrats choose to retaliate.

Conservatives say that’s the risk McConnell has to take.

Taking action on a Supreme Court nominee — even through the Judiciary Committee — when Obama has less than a year left in his term would be a cardinal sin, conservative activists say.

They argue the ideological balance of the court is so important that it’s not worth playing political games to take the pressure off vulnerable Republican incumbents.

“I would rank having a conservative justice as more important than having the majority in the Senate,” said David Bozell, president of For America, a conservative advocacy group. “God knows this Republican majority in the Senate hasn’t done much anyway for conservatism, period.

“If you look at some of the conservative movement’s successes, it’s in large part due to the court doing some decent things and making some good decisions,” he added.

Two of the biggest court decisions in recent years, the District of Columbia v. Heller and Citizens United v. FEC, did far more to lift restrictions on gun ownership and political spending by outside groups — two conservative priorities — than anything passed by Republicans in Congress.

“The Senate isn’t as important on a great number of issues as the Supreme Court. The Senate is not going to determine whether or not we have Second Amendment rights, the Supreme Court is. The Senate is not going to determine marriage, the Supreme Court did. The Supreme Court, not the Senate, determined abortion,” said Mike Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association.

“The issues that are of great concern to the conservative movement have all been decided by the Supreme Court,” he added.

Democrats are hammering McConnell and his GOP colleagues for arguing right off the bat that confirming a successor to Scalia should wait until next year, when a new president is in office.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that if Republicans refused to hold hearings, they would be remembered as the “most nakedly obstructionist and irresponsible majority in history.”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is hitting vulnerable incumbents for not doing their jobs, and newspapers around the country are following suit.

The Concord Monitor wrote in a recent editorial that Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) — who is up for re-election — was “wrong” to echo McConnell “in knee-jerk fashion” by calling for a year-long postponement of confirmation hearings.

“Voters should consider such a refusal to perform their sworn constitutional responsibility to advise and consent, not merely obstruct, a disqualification for future Senate office,” the paper wrote.

The Scranton-Times Tribune editorialized that Sen. Pat Toomey’s (R-Pa.) support for McConnell’s position is “naked obstruction” and that the vulnerable incumbent “should desist.”

The chorus of criticism has put Republicans on the defensive and prompted an internal debate about whether the Senate should at least have hearings on Obama’s nominee.

Freshman Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) warned early in the week that he and his colleagues could “fall into the trap of being obstructionists.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), another incumbent up for reelection, initially told reporters Wednesday that Obama’s nominee should get a hearing, but has since backed off her statement.

“Certainly there’s nervousness on the part of Republicans about what an absolute refusal to hold any hearings might do to GOP candidates in swing states,” said John Ullyot, a GOP aide and former senior Senate aide. “If Republicans hold hearings, that takes a lot of the pressure off their candidates in swing states who are in some cases in tough races.”

But conservatives warn that holding hearings on a nominee would open Pandora’s box, potentially leading to a floor vote.

While it’s unlikely that Democrats could muster the 14 votes necessary to overcome a filibuster, conservatives don’t want to take any chances.

“People who argue that the Republicans should play footsy with President Obama and the Democrats on this Supreme Court opening are the same types of people who are simply tone deaf to the political moment we’re experiencing,” said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union.

“The Senate should be more important to hold onto, but unfortunately with runaway interventionist court, the Supreme Court might be the important governmental entity in the entire government,” he said.

“When progressives get five votes they can do something as crazy as declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant. They can change the very nature and understanding of marriage.”

While conservatives say Republicans should use their majority to defend the ideological composition of the court no matter the cost, they vehemently dispute that quashing Obama’s nominee will hurt GOP candidates in November.

Instead, they warn that moving the nominee would provoke such a negative reaction from the party’s base that the fallout on Election Day would be much worse.

“What is the purpose of having a majority unless you use that majority to defend, uphold and defend the Constitution? This is something the left understands quite well in terms of the purpose of the majority, that’s how we got ObamaCare,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.

“They used their majority to force ObamaCare onto the nation knowing it may cost them their majority.”



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July in Gloucester county, Virginia, 1944, 27- years- old Irene Morgan boarded an interstate bus to Baltimore. The mother of two was on her way to a check up, having recently suffered a miscarriage. She paid her Us$5 fare and sat at the back where black passengers were confined under segregation laws.

But when the driver asked her and another passenger to give up their seats for a young white couple, Morgan refused. She was arrested – but not before putting up a fight with deputy sheriff. Morgan was jailed for resisting arrest and violating Virginia’s segregation law.

In 1946 her case was heard and the court delivered a landmark ruling abolishing segregated interstate transportation. Morgan’s lawyer, Thurgood Marshall, Special Counsel of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, claimed that segregation on interstate travel threatened free movement across state lines and contravened the interstate commerce clause of the US constitution.

In 1960, the Supreme Court decided to apply the Morgan ruling to interstate bus terminals.

Morgan, who had gained a degree in communications from New York’s St John’s University in 1985, aged 68, and a master’s from Queen’s College when she was 73, finally came to public attention in 1995 when she feature in a documentary about civil rights. Gloucester County honoured her during its 350th anniversary celebration in 2000 and Bill Clinton awarded her the Presidential Citizens Medal in 2001. She died in 2007 aged 90.

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